The pre-wedding ceremonies meticulously

Wedding Shopping

Wedding season is in. While the dreamy eyed twosome are still counting, somebody’s planning and somebody’s doing, somebody’s doing the last minute shopping  and the others have just decided to start.  Mirror on the wall, who is the busiest of them all? And like fairies to fit the puzzle, here lands the other ‘brides’ in the picture, lovingly called “bridesmaids”.



Like chess pieces they make their moves calmly in between all the madness. If u didn’t already ponder about their significance then they are the ones who play the all in one role of make-up-artists cum event managers, cheer women, party planners, hosts etc.; the list goes on but (apart from the “maid of honour’s” d-day speech) their most special and pleasing presence happens to be that of the gorgeous bride’s support system; both physical and emotional.


They plan, revise and execute not only the big day but all the pre-wedding ceremonies meticulously. When the bucket list is ready, they run back and forth the aisle in their finery every now and then without making it look any daunting. They are always around for every little thing; for the bride, all the bride’s family and folks. And then graciously, all smiles and glowing, they set the stage for the couple to make the perfect picture and a day to cherish forever.


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